Dualshock4 replica bluetooth connection fails.

I have a small PC (on a semi-modern hardware, being Ryzen 5***u+ 16 GB RAM), which i use as home server.

I used to have RebornOS on that PC, and used it mostly for multimedia serving. It was working alright. I put my whole stack from an ARM board to PC, configured Docker, everything worked fine.

I tried this PC for a “retro gaming” type of load (it is close to a TV, so switching HDMI from ATV board to PC takes like 1 minute) , and faced a problem with a Dualshock4 replica (DataFrog) gamepad, works alright under Windows with DS4Windows installed, majority of “features” works fine. When i used it with PC on RebornOS - it failed to pair no matter what. I googled a bit, and found a solution, being downgrading Bluez to 5.68-1. It worked, but i barely used this PC for gaming after that.

After like a year, i decided to fresh start the server (as i made a lot of changes over time to its software). I chose EndeavourOS as a distro (being high-rated Arch-based distro on distrowatch at the moment. I used to use Manjaro , but with recent changes to Mesa on Manjaro i don’t really want to mess with rebuilding it to enable codecs).

I installed OS (KDE as DE, as i was kinda hyped with Plasma 6), installed Docker, made a decent config, everything works fine. Enabled Bluetooth- alright. But when i tried to connect the gamepad- it fails. I see “Wireless controller” in a list, but when i try to pair it- it just shows a connection message for like 15-20 sec, and nothing happens. I downgraded Bluez and put it to ignore list, reboot- nothing. Downgraded majority of Bluez stack to 5.68-1. Nothing.

I decided to analyze the problem a bit further.

First, in a KDE BT manager’ GUI i can see that the device is connected and then disconnected when i try to pair it.

Second, a console output:

[NEW] Device A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3 Wireless Controller

[bluetooth]# pair A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3

Attempting to pair with A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3

[CHG] Device A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3 Connected: yes

[CHG] Device A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3 Modalias: usb:v054Cp05C4d0100

[CHG] Device A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3 UUIDs: 00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb

[CHG] Device A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3 UUIDs: 00001200-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb

[CHG] Device A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3 ServicesResolved: yes

[CHG] Device A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3 Paired: yes

Pairing successful

It can be trusted, but when i try to connect to it, i get:

[bluetooth]# connect A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3

Attempting to connect to A0:5A:5D:31:D7:E3

Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed br-connection-create-socket

Any possible solution? Downgrading the bluez worked in RebornOS, but for some reason not on new distro. I have some guesses like kernel version, audio manager (gamepad has a 3.5 jack so it can be used to connect headphones over Bluetooth) , maybe other stuff…