Dual monitor wacom setup xfce - endeavouros

hi there (hopefully) friendly community. I’ ll like to know if anyone knows about a convenient solution to restrain my little wacom tablet to work on only one screen in my standard xfce installation (dual monitor, same resolution on amd card).
I would be better if it’s easy to switch the screen, just like in windows or in PLASMA/KDE.
I know there’s should be some ways using xset wacom, but that’s just not the way I want… It would be quite inconvenient specially when I need switching monitor. That’s the main reason I sticked for many years to KDE, even if XFCE was probably my first love <3
Eventually , if there’s no other possibilities, I found in the wiki the guide to install other desktop systems…

In case I’ll manage to install Plasma, would be possible to get rid of XFCE just by typing
sudo pacman -Rs xfce xfce-extra

You should be able to remove Xfce. When I did it I used sudo pacman -Rnsdd xfce4 xfce4-goodies. I did it after installing Cinnamon.

If you like XFCE and would like to continue using it, you could configure the tablet by using the xsetwacom command. You will need to have xf86-input-wacom and input-wacom packages installed (one or both might only be available from AUR).

This page should have workable solutions for your needs: https://askubuntu.com/questions/839161/limit-a-graphics-tablet-to-one-monitor.

I’m using a Wacom tablet myself on XFCE as a mouse replacement for my daily driver in a dual monitor setup. However I am using it in relative mode (acts as a mouse instead of being mapped to the monitors).