Dual booting with windows, separate esps, encrypted

So I installed eos today with encrypted systemd boot setup.
I want to dual boot windows with it but having a separate esp for windows.
What’s the procedure for it? I am used to grub and have dual booted with grub on encrypted setup but not with systemd. Is it even possible to have two separate esps, one for linux and one for windows for systemdboot to be able to load from them.

It should have handled that automatically when you installed.

Do you not have Windows in your boot menu?

On the other hand, if you are planning to install Windows after the fact, I would recommend just sharing a single ESP. Your life will be a lot easier that way.

why would having 2 esps cause problems?

I you use a single ESP, systemd-boot will automatically recognize the Windows install inside of it with no work what-so-ever.

Further, if you install more OSes, systemd-boot will have easy access to those.

If you use separate ESPs, it is substantial work to get systemd-boot to boot them.

Some people use separate ESPs with grub but systemd-boot really couldn’t be more different than grub. It loads everything out of the ESP and if you share them it works automatically.

grub works on the concept of going out and discovering other OSes. systemd-boot uses the opposite concept. Every OS should handle their own entries and systemd-boot should just be able to load them.

Now that Im trying it out in a vbox, I dont even know whats the esp for windows is as during windows installation it doesn’t ask you for an esp partition, just the partition where you want the os to be installed.
How do I share esp between windows and eos?
Im a bit new to these multi boot loading stuff.

The easiest solution would be to install Windows first, let it create the ESP, then resize it after the install to make it bigger. The EOS install will let you choose an ESP and you can select the existing one.

can it not be done the opposite way? install eos first and then windows?

It is possible but because Windows offers so little flexibility in the install.

I have installed windows in a vbox after installing eos, lets see if it has used the esp of eos or not.

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