Dual Boot Question

Looking for some dual boot advice. I have downloaed Endeavour to a USB drive. My current set up is this

C: Drive has windows on it

D: Drive is empty

C & D are completely separate hard drives. So I want to install Endeavour on D drive

Will I have to do anything to C drive to prepare it for dual booting or will the installer handle all that?

Ideally apart from the boot loader I want to leave the C drive alone completely

Usually the installer handles this. You might have to change the boot device priority afterwards and double check the partition layout before confirming the installation.

If your windows installation doesn’t show up in the boot loader there are ways to achieve this afterwards.

Many thanks, will see how we get on :slight_smile:

Boot up the EndeavourOS live ISO and install on drive which you call D. It will not be called D in Linux, so make sure you pick the correct drive, otherwise you’ll nuke your windoze install – which could be a good thing, if you think about it for long enough.

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Many thanks :slight_smile: I have put a label on the drive so I know which one it is. Having a few drives installed I defintely want to get the right one.

I would replace Windows entirely but there are still some things that will only run on windows unfortunately but going to make Linux the daily driver and just use Windows for the things I absolutely need to