Dual Boot Bootloader Partition Size

Apart from the fact one is using windoze :rofl:

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Looks as it should. At the end of the day it’s your choice to go with sharing the ESP with Windows as the location for your Linux’ bootloader or create a new ESP to have it installed on its own partition.

Understood. I have been dual booting with both Linux and Windows on the same drive for years. I actually did what I mentioned and removed Linux completely (along with fixing the Windows BL) and started over with Endeavour completely on my HDD. I will start a new thread as there are other issues that are unrelated to BL.

There was no choice. As I mentioned earlier, the installer will not allow you to add Endeavour to the 100MB Windows boot partition.

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I think you have to do it manually and browse to the efi partition on the proper drive that has Windows on it?

It doesn’t look like I ma going to be able to switch on this machine due to the reason I had mentioned as why I ended up on Elementary to begin with. I have 3 external monitors along with the laptop monitor. If I disable the laptop monitor itself or close the lid while the other three are active, the system runs like a dog. This is not related to the SSD vs. HDD as it happened on other distros I tried wit Linux running core OS on the SSD. If I leave the internal monitor active and open, the system runs normal. My desk config does not make that a possibility. This is of course an NVIDIA graphics card (setup as such). Why Elementary works fine this way, I do not know. Maybe down the road, I can make the space work. I tried Gnome and KDE, which were OK except no GRUB and the delay. Budgie wouldn’t even complete the install saying that the EFI partition didn’t look like one. Deepin installed OK, but wouldn’t boot (kept cycling back to the 3 kernal modules error) or recognize GRUB. Thanks all for your help. I’m happy to listen to ideas, but for now I am going back to Elementary just installed completely on the HDD which is running as fast to my eyes as the SSD.

I’m back with good news. For once, I am glad I was wrong. I had some time to get some space clear on my SSD, so I decided to try installing Endeavour (Budgie) using the 100MB efi/boot partition despite the installer having a large message the 500 was absolutely necessary for efi. I am back to auto-mounting a 550GB partition on my my HDD for my dev work. Just adding the efi/boot flag was all I needed to do other than manually partitioning my already created (in Windows) free space. Such a glorious feeling seeing it boot into a custom GRUB screen. That does bring me to a question. Despite its issues< I have always used GRUB customizer for three small changes. 1) 640X480 resolution since my UHD laptop monitor is almost unreadable without that change. 2) Increasing the delay so I don’t end up in an unwanted OS when I am half asleep. 3) Moving Windows to 1st in the Grub list while leaving Linux 1st in efi of course. I didn’t have time today to search before I needed to get back into Windows, but is there a .conf file or something that might make those changes? For that matter, does the original GRUB customizer work on the Endeavour version of GRUB? I didn’t notice a boot modification tool like the one for Garuda.

As for the display issue, it is still there. Lid closed or laptop monitor made inactive makes the computer unusable. I am just dealing with using my 17" monitor as a real monitor while also looking at some space changes to make it a scratch monitor.

Besides the monitor and GRUB, the system is working perfectly. Budgie is such a nice balance of a slim OS while not looking like a 90s Windows reject or something that a toddler designed. Looks like I am back for good. If only Pantheon would be released as a maintained desktop so that it could work properly in Arch and not be cobbled into a semi-functional desktop. Along those lines, a stable working Deepin desktop would do the trick too.

Glad you figured it out. This is usually the mistake most users make is not adding the /efi/boot flag and marking it /boot. Honestly i wouldn’t use grub-customizer. You can edit the /etc/default/grub file and run sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg to update it. Resolution can be set. delay can be set and i think you can also set boot order. Or you can use grub-customizer if you like. Just be careful as it can mess things up. I don’t know about the display issue you are having but if it was me i would hook up one monitor at a time and get them working.

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Thanks. I’ll take a look at the .cfg for the GRUV changes. As for the monitor, it is what it is. 3 external monitors with multiple connection types connected to an Alienware graphic amplifier and a laptop. It is just odd that Elementary has no issues closing the laptop monitor and switching over to the closed lid profile.