Drop Down Menu's and GTK applications have incorrect scaling

Hiya, came back to Endeavour after upgrading my computer and purchased AMD. I have a weird issue though. My drop down menus are extremely skinny and GTK apps (like bottles) are extremely skinny that it makes reading the options extremely difficult. How can I adjust them to easily read them?

Using KDE Plasma 5.27.10



First question I have for you is did you do a clean installation of EOS or was this a hardware swap?

This is a clean installation, my bad I misunderstood

I found the solution! To anyone having this problem, download the package “xdg-desktop-portal-gtk” via pacman then run on a terminal:

/usr/lib/xdg-desktop-portal --replace

This worked for me, marking as solution.

Edit: You don’t need to replace the desktop portal apparently! If you are still on KDE stay on that portal unless you couldn’t get it to work.


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