Drives/ disks not showing while using windows installation media

Hey all,
I have been trying to factory reset my pc and want to install win11, but the issue is when I first installed the endeavour os + hyprland I erased the complete disk and then installed it.
First, is there any way to clean up your drive.
Now when I try to install win it show no drive available (even going through diskpart, it shows usb only)…
Pls help I am in a desparate need!!!

If you have any other live usb to boot from, you might try creating a new partition table on the disk you want to install Windows on. Note that this will wipe out all the partitions and data on the disk.

Also reset the BIOS/UEFI settings to default.

Otherwise, I have no more other suggestions. Hopefully you will get it to work. Good luck!

The issue is the drive is not visible to make partitions and all

Isn’t it visible from a Linux environment? Using a tool like Gparted for example?

No worries I got the proper drivers installed from the acer website now it’s alright!!
Thanks for the replies!

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