Driver issue with intel i7 12th gen

Hello I just installed EndavourOS on my new TUXEDO Infinitybook 15 S and pull my configs from my old system. Most of the things seems to be working but my terminal Alacritty gave me an blank screen. I asked on their git and they told me to enter the command LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 alacritty and well it worked that way. Problem is they said if Alacritty only works with that command I have a driver issue. I’m assuming they were talking about integrated graphics driver issue. Another thing that made me think this is a driver issue was bluring transparent windows in picom does not work. So which package should I install?

For the 12th gen intel chips, be sure to remove xf86-video-intel and reboot.

If that doesn’t help please post inxi -Fxxxz

Yep that did it, thank you. Please share if there are other newbie stuff i should know about as an ex-manjaro user who just installed EndavourOS.

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