Drive issue or?

I don’t know if this is a drive issue, software or my payback for enjoying the sixties but …

This EXT4 partition which is use for archive purposes claims to be read only ISH!

The drive/partition has previously been fine since dunno exactly but the oldest high level directory is dated Aug 2019.

Obv i tried chmod (using sudo first then as root) although i shows as being exactly how i wanted it, rw for me, r for the world, even before i did that.

First it refused completely to do the chmod command as it was private although chown (sudo then root) failed because it was read only - CATCH-22!

A root thunar failed to set the permissions because, you guessed it, it was read only.

Output for all the above was not saved as i thought it was fixable.

Now chmod gives below:

[root@orac mine]# ls -l
total 8
drwxrwxr-x  8 mine mine 4096 Jul 28 10:40 d0110
drwxrwxr-x 33 mine mine 4096 Dec 28 15:11 d0110-sv

[root@orac mine]# chmod 776 d0110-sv
chmod: changing permissions of 'd0110-sv': Read-only file system

[root@orac mine]# ls -l
total 8
drwxrwxr-x  8 mine mine 4096 Jul 28 10:40 d0110
drwxrwxr-x 33 mine mine 4096 Dec 28 15:11 d0110-sv

i.e. it looks fine but it still seems to be a “feature”.

LS also shows as 1000:1000

A larger four gig drive did this once before when i was using MXlinux. Eventually i re-formatted and then recreated the backup - with some data loss!

Any better suggestions please?

Have you tried running fsck on that filesystem?

Sometimes a FS will be mounted read-only when errors are detected.

What was concerning me was that the FS looked fine when it was first loaded then later changed, sort of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde style.

Still, your suggestion would seem to have fixed it (said “lost&found was created”), many thanks.

Do you think i can rely on this disk (only one partition had issues) now or might i be better to retire the whole drive?

Thanks again

Filesystem corruption can happen to any disk. It is common if you do things like force poweroff the machine or if it crashes or loses power unexpectedly.

It doesn’t always means the disk is failing.(Although it is possible)

Thanks Dalto,

Where i used to live a year ago we had quite a few brown-outs (mostly only slightly dimming the lights) but no actual black-outs (while my computer was powered up) for well over five years. Although i was an early adopter of LED lights and i suspect they are only affected by the very worst and/or longest brown-outs.

Current situation:

Everything looked fine (cli & gui) but then just minutes later …

Now highlighting all files & directories on this drive (except lost+found & Trash-1000) with Thunar then asking for properties and then permissions still shows the warning message about inconsistent permissions, which is how all this started.


After doing a (user) " chmod 664 * " of all files/dirs on the partition then letting Thunar correct those inconsistencies mentioned earlier (Thunar would seem to have just re-added the “Xecute” to everything) the problem would seem to have gone away … for now.

Would anyone care to comment further please?

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