DPMS Blanks screen

I have an Acer Swift 3 Infinity 4 dual booting with Windows 10. I’ve just fresh installed EndeavourOS with i3wm. Everything is working fine except for the DPMS. The DPMS works fine, but when turning the monitor back on after idle time, I was greeted with a blank screen that I could not get out of. Cursor works fine and I know my inputs are recorded because I could shutdown my laptop by opening the terminal and typing sudo shutdown now

I could move to a virtual terminal, but going back again results in the entire desktop disappearing, leaving me with boot logs and no terminal. Going back to a virtual terminal and doing sudo pkill -15 Xorg kills and reboots the desktop. I know the lock isn’t the issue since manually locking the system works fine.

How do I fix this issue so that DPMS turns the monitor back on again.

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It depends on your HW and SW. Have you skipped all the advice on how to create a support topic? Please, read EnOS wiki about it and provide useful info, so we can help you. I regret to inform you that …

our Magic Crystal Ball has gone to Mars to find new civilizations to help.

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welcome @STRCH
We need indeed some better info…

Also info on the Display… not sure if you talk about an external Display and how exactly you turn it on or try to do that…

On i3 you will also need to setup configs if using multiple displays…


Sorry about that, here are my logs:

Hardware information: https://clbin.com/JWiZe
Boot logs: https://clbin.com/8glxr
xsession-errors: https://clbin.com/BRsKk
Xorg logs: https://clbin.com/F7MBI

My setup is just a laptop, so there is no external monitors. Blanking the screen through screensaving and DPMS just breaks my display until switch in and out of the virtual terminal.

The errors in xsession-errors came from my terminal emulators (kitty, xfce-terminal, UXTerm). I tried tailing xsession-errors and Xorg log and then doing xset dpms force off, no errors came up.

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do you get it working? i do not get notified anymore it seems if someone posting…

the default EndeavourOS i3 config has xset dpms settings included already:

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