Downgrade glib2


I need to downgrade glib2

I tried;
sudo pacman -U

And I crashed the system and got a white screen ‘contact admin’
Reinstalled instead

Thanks in advance

why do you need to downgrade glib2?

I set up my NAS through fstab to mount on boot. I can access and read, no problem. But when I try to copy from it to lets say my home directory I get this error; ‘Error when getting information for file descriptor Numerical result out of range’ The glib package has a bug;

So that is why I need to downgrade.

downgrading essential system parts could involve the need downgrading the system all together:


A better solution would be to recompile the same version with the patch that fixes the problem - the fix has already been merged.


What a mess.
Changing the mount option to relatime,lazytime as a workaround would have been easier: