Doubt about garbage in system

Hi guys, i would like to know how clean garbage of configs of programs uninstalled and all that.

PS: sudo pacman -Rsc $(pacman -Qtdq) only serves to clean packages
orphans, does no clean the garbage (how configs, images etc…)

The package manager won’t remove anything from your home directory if those are the configs you are referring to. You can of course delete them with the file manager or the rm command.

It is a little hard to provide assistance without specific examples.

I was referring to if there was a script to do the cleaning, I started to review and I have lots of .configs of uninstalled programs

You still haven’t stated which config files you are referring to but if you are referring to the ones in your home directory, I am not aware of a script that cleans those in an automated fashion.

On the other hand, are they worth removing?