Doubt about firefox-developer-edition-kde

Is it possible to build firefox-developer-edition-kde with a amd phenom quad core cpu and 4gb ddr2 ram ?

You can check if it is in chaotic-aur

The package has been flagged ou-of-date 2022-05-19 by the maintainer.

Not sure what it means when a maintainer flag their own package as outdated. Will it be updated again at some point it time or just abandoned?

ic so does that means things like theme integration and global menu won’t work ?

I don’t know, But it won’t come with the latest bug a security fixes. Check @sradjoker’s suggestion.

Looks like no, i cound’t find too much information about it

Isn’t that just built from AUR and wouldn’t it have the same issues with being out of date?

It is possible but it will take a long time. With only 4gb of RAM you probably will need to use a single core or maybe 2 at the most.

I thought they did it from the source. I never knew they build it from AUR.
In that case it will have the same issue as you allude to.

Will it be possible to change the pkgver to the latest upstream version in the PKGBUILD?

Not right now. The issue is that the patches are not compatible with the developer edition right now. That is why the maintainer flagged it out of date.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be building the developer edition from source unless I had a fast CPU. Too many rebuilds.


thanks, i’ll just stick with firefox-dev from community then, @sradjoker feel free to close the topic.


If you mark it solved by marking one of the posts as the solution, it will close itself.

Well…they do build it from source using the AUR PKGBUILD.

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If you want to build packages using weaker devices, but have more than one of them, look into distcc. It is about distributed compiling. You can also do cross compilations.
Archwiki is the best resource on this.
This is how I build linux-kernel for Odroid under an hour instead of 1 hour 45 minutes on my Raspberry Pi.


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