Doubt about applications

Hello, I would like to ask if I can remove the following endeavouros apps: eos update notifier, wallpaper-once (by endeavouros), is it safe to remove them ?, and what are the commands to remove these applications.

I don’t use the update notifier because I update every day, and the wallpaper-once I see somewhat useless.

Thanks to those who help me and excuse me for being so uneducated.

Yes, you should be able to remove any of the eos-specific applications. Although, if you remove eos-hooks you won’t really have an EndeavourOS system anymore.

sudo pacman -Rc eos-update-notifier

I am not sure what wallpaper once is, where are you seeing that?

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Any way to completely disable or just remove the update notifier? There are other Eos tools that I do use, like the logs tools or the GUI reflector.

ah, the wallpaper I mean this

Although I deactivate it, I still get the Endeavoros wallpaper by default (I already changed it)

That is part of the welcome application. You can remove it, but it will take the welcome application with it. If you don’t mind that:

sudo pacman -Rc welcome

before do that … you say everytime login you get endeavouros wallpaper . but want your own ?

Question … we talk about desktop wallpaper or login manager wallpaper? ( :pray: i on mobile now )

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Not exactly, it’s like a little delay, when you log in you see the endeavoros wallpaper and then switch to mine.

PS: Thanks for the help, I am resolved

PS:Some staff to close the post, thanks for the help


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A tip: you can see quite much information about EndeavourOS packages (e.g. where each file will be installed) by looking at their PKGBUILD files. For example, welcome’s PKGBUILD file is here:

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Yes. Feel free to remove anything from the endeavouros repo. None of it is necessary for a functioning system (though some things in there are quite nice, in my opinion).

You will probably want to keep yay, though. Not necessary, but very useful. Everything else is just cosmetics and useful scripts and apps (though usefulness is subjective, of course).

I’m actually a pretty big fan of the pacdiff tool. Very simple and intuitive.

Actually, AFAIK pacdiff itself comes with installation of pacman (part of the pacman-contrib toolset). EnOS merely provides an easier access to it in a consistent manner (and requiring less typing!).

A similar effect can be achieved with: DIFFPROG=meld sudo pacdiff - assuming that meld is your choice for comparing, and sudo your choice for root capability, of course. For myself, if I don’t happen to have Welcome handy, I use DIFFPROG=meld su-c_wrapper pacdiff for pacnew updating (via alias - I’m lazy!)

Pacdiff-meld. Whatever. The EOS setup. It works well

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