Donate to finance EndeavourOS infrastructure

:rocket: @OsEndeavour is at 26% of their next goal: Server/software costs, fees and future hardware needs…

Help us get there!

Thanks to all the donations:


I am now a monthly contributioner. :slight_smile:


I just think of it as cost per hour of entertainment :grin: Makes lots of sense that way…


I just contributed.


Me too today!


and me right now!



Come on folks - think of this as a piece of your entertainment budget! Your going to the movies is probably reduced lately, for instance :grin: I dropped some unwatched TV channels, for another example. We can do this!

I’d really like to be a regular contributor, but OpenCollective doesn’t make it easy. I had mails with them recently regarding their payment methods, and for recurring payments they only support Credit Cards, a wholly American enterprise. I don’t have one or want one, so for the moment I can only do (and did today) one-time support.

If it is possible and EOS has any sway over OpenCollective, I would encourage EOS to prioritise recurring payments via bank transfer. Theyx say its on their schedule, but if and when it will come they could not tell me.

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you all are awesome !
:rocketa_purple: :rocketa_purple: :rocketa_purple:

Open Collective acts as a financial host for us because we are not a company or official organisation, they take care of that, and the issue with payment over bank transfer is something they do work on, but this stuff is not easy to handle in a global manner.


I had to back out, not because of money but because of tech; something doesn’t work, my bank won’t let the transactions thru and I got mails saying I have to do it manually every month, but it still only worked every 4th time or so. :frowning:

O.K. this sounds wrong, i will ask again there may they can give a hint on that.

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It won’t help with costs for devices, but it will help with hosting (web, packages, forum, …):


To be fair Swedish banks are very… suspicious, which is a GOOD thing, but it is annoying at times.

I think the issue is that the bank doesn’t recognize the service you use, so I can’t allow a “subscription”. I literally have to go into the bank, manually tell it to allow international withdrawals for 60 minutes and then try to push the payment thru.

Unlike Patreon, which the bank recognizes, so I can set it as “Trusted” and it goes thru. The biggest problem is that even tho I allow it, it still only goes thru occasionally.
I have settled the issue by donating manually off and on instead, it’s the subscription bit that doesn’t work.

Edit: The downside of course is that way I forget too often.


We are very grateful to anyone who is donating or even considering it in any form or amount.

As @joekamprad already said, Open Collective Europe is our fiscal host and is a relatively young organization in comparison with Patreon and others. The services have improved internally but they have some more mountains to overtake and we are confident they will. The service they provide to us is excellent, this way we don’t have financial concerns and we can focus on development and you, the community.

Your donations already have succeeded our expectations, given the current crisis and as you might know, we already could purchase a powerful refurbished machine for Joe and an ARM device very recently. Our next bill for the server and domain costs can be paid well within our current budget which I already informed you about last summer:

Again, thank you for the donations you’ve given us and you can be assured that your donations, past or future ones, will be spent wisely.


That’s really great to read! I’m happy to be a monthly contributor. This community is top-notch.


I just contributed! Great work team!


Welcome at the forum, thank you very much for the support!


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try, and thanks for the support.

I hope you enjoy your time here.