Dolphin update - how do I fix this?

I have my toolbar on the left and now it is massive! Any ideas?

This is mine. I have only one open…

I’d suggest you find out how to reset Dolphin and try setting up your way again. Suggestion leave the address bar under the tabs bar. My set up: Right my normal view, Left when I press F9 .

I’m a simple guy; whenever weird things happen with plasma or qt apps post-update, i delete the content of ~/.cache and relog.
It helps more often than not. :slight_smile:


@anon83136962 you are mixing up toolbar and panel.

If I remove “Navigation” from the toobar it fixes it, but I used to use that feature a lot.

Not even remotely confusing the two. That said your setup seems to be what the OP is looking for, maybe help them achieve it.