Dolphin hidden places issue - how to clear list?

Dolphin opens slower and slower over time, I’ve already removed Samba and switched to NFS, but that didn’t change anything.
I may have found something that could be causing this delay …
If i activate the option show hidden places in the left window, hundreds of very old connections (mainly KDE connect) are listed there, from devices that no longer exist also USB sticks etc. my old galaxy S-III even has hundreds of entries present.
How can this list of device entries be deleted?

I guess this could be a bug as this list should be reset from time to time otherwise it collects thousands of old devices in it and probably causes the delay when opening dolphin.

The places should be stored in ~/.local/share/user-places.xbel

That being said, my system has been installed for several years and I don’t have any entries like that. Are you doing something that is causing all those things to be added to places?


It seems this is caused by enumbering uids - maybe caused by kde-connect
I have removed the file and it seems to work

I also use kde-connect. None of my devices are in that list at all.

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strange … maybe a permission issue with the prior file?