Dolphin does not update watched folder until refreshed manually

So, after googling around for a few day’s and reading many threads, I decided to make a topic here.

Do note, I am using Dolphin but my DE is Cinnamon.

So, I have Dolphin open and I am watching my downloads folder. When a new file is made, or when a new folder is made, they appear automatically as they should.

But, when a folder’s content is modified, that does not show unless I manually refresh. Does anyone know why that is?

In my Dolphin config, I have the view tweaked so that modified folders appear first, but having to manually refresh my watched folder to see changed, is not so cool.

Surely I am missing something? It feels like this should work.

Edit: baloo is running and indexing. The inotify watches are fine, I have not reached the limit as far as I know and could reliably test.

Your best bet would be questioning a developer of Dolphin unless you feel like wading through the code yourself. I’ve never watched this pot boil (as you have) so I only have surmises.
My guess from what you say is that Dolphin is only monitoring for the inode creation versus any inode modification. Having been so very long since I programmed, I’m not up on what the current libraries offer, so it may still be that’s just what is available in the C libs.

Interesting insight!

I have also made a thread on the KDE forums just in case.

I will let it simmer and see if reactions there are posted and might as well make a ticket or something at the official Dolphin place. I do not know yet where KDE hosts their repo’s though (you know, things like GitHub or GitLab).

I’m sure that source is available in the arch repositories (from wherever their development goes on).

Experiencing the same issue here. I’m using KDE. It’s not distribution specific. I already had the same issue when using openSUSE (stable version/Leap 15.1) for quite some time. So it’s also not an issue of latest Plasma/KDE version. KDE 5.21 never was released for openSUSE 15.1 (had to be added via third party repositories). I never digged any deeper because it doesn’t bother me at all.

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I’ve been having issues with baloo and/or baloo widgets off an on over the last couple months.