Dolphin - Blacklisting Recent Files / Recent Locations

Dolphin’s an amazing file explorer, but I’m struggling to set blacklists for specific folders within my system.

Are they any resources that detail how to blacklist Dolphin from presenting recent files accessed from specific folders, or how to blacklist specific folders? This one’s a privacy issue too I guess as it’s persistent and a manual purge of /home/%username%/.local/share/RecentDocuments/ isn’t ideal.

Well the unix answer to this is…setup other userids and use them to separate privacy issues.

It’s a valid point, but if I’m trawling through logs, it would be nice to not have history flooded with transient content. Yes I could do this on a root account, but more often than note, many of us set up our main account to technically be root… :slight_smile:

I don’t think that is controlled by dolphin. It think it is managed more globally.

You can limit the number of entries and/or disable tracking but I am not aware of a way to blacklist certain directories.(Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist)

In the worst case scenario you could write a script to remove them.

That’s what I do, every time I log out of Plasma, a script runs that tidies up things, like clears clipboard history, deletes RecentDocuments directory, removes useless dotfiles automatically generated, empties Trash directory, runs a sed script on my shell history deleting every cd, rm, ls and similar commands, which I do not need to keep in my history…