Dolphin and trash settings

Hi there,

just a question if I understand the settings in Dolphin correctly:

I set Dolphin/Trash to clean up all files older than 7 days and set size limit to 1% (which is ~ 9 GB)

When I have a look at objects in trash I find files much older than 7 days (ref. to change date). How can this be. Do I need to do sth. else or will clean up happen only if I exceed th 1% limit additionally?

(I now set up “autotrash” to do what I supposed Dolphin should o…)

Should it clean out files older than seven days, or files that have been in the Trash for more than seven days?

I suspect it’s the latter, as moving an old file to the Trash and it being deleted immediately would make the Trash function a wee bit pointless.

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that may be an explanation although some files in there “seem” to be in trash for more days than configured.

I’ll deactivate the autotrash job, make a screenshot of what’s in there today and check back in 7 days. Then these files should definitely be gone…

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So now back after some days I re-checked it. Files are still in trash although:

Time of deletion (Löschzeitpunkt) is March 2nd and today is March 11th.

Trash is configured like this:

  • Delete files older than 7 days (file has been changed on March 1st, deleted on 2nd)
  • Limit size of trash to 1% (about 9 GB)

So is this a bug or my misunderstanding and cleanup will only happen if the size limit has been reached??

I would be happy if somebody could explain or check. Unfortunately the KDE docs only explain the obvious.


I don’t use the auto cleanup function, so this is just a guess, but - it’s only been 2 days since you activated the “Delete files older than 7 days” feature. I think you should wait until 7 days has passed before thinking it’s not working - the setting probably isn’t applied until 7 days after it has been first activated.

Try setting it to delete after 1 day, then wait 25 hours, and see if it deletes the files.

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good point!

(And last chance before I reactivate autotrash :wink:


Short update: dolphin cleanup trash after x days definietly does NOTHING - at least here. Behaves like a dummy setting. If it was intended to work only in combination with the size limit then description and GUI is confusing.

I’ll open a bug report at least for clarification. Will return to autotrash now. Thanks for your input

I filed a bug @ kde and found an older bug report that way.

Cleanup triggers only when a file gets moved to trash. So after I deleted a file today the cleanup removed all older files as expected.

I proposed to implement a daily cleanup trigger to dolphin trash to avoid user confusion.

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