Doing Gnome Desktop

Looking to try Gnome and get some more understanding. How to install Extensions. How do I know what extensions there are and install them. What’s good? What’s bad? What other things can i do in Gnome? I’m not very familiar with it so how to change things in the bar at the top where the network icon and volume and shutdown buttons are? Sure i can install programs and i do know how to install the gnome software.

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To install extensions you need to install a package from AUR called chrome-gnome-shell and a firefox extension for it, chrome might have one also

it use to be in the repos but Arch folks removed it to AUR

You know what is installed by using the extensions application in your applications menu.

Some go to extensions are

Frippery move clock
Just Perfection
User Themes
Bluetooth Quick Connect
Open Weather
AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support

Those will all be in your power/corner menu in the top right corner, there you will find volume, network, brightness on laptops, lock, settings, and the power menu.

Checks @ricklinux post history…“KDE. KDE. KDE. KDE. KDE. KDE. KDE. KDE.”

Hmm, I’m starting to think that just maybe this guy might like KDE a little bit :wink:

Edit: To start off, to use extensions, you need to first install chrome-gnome-shell from the AUR, then visit to install/remove extensions.

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What is the difference between Gnome-shell-extensions and Chrome-Gnome-shell

Edit: Do i install the Firefox extension in Firefox like normal?

Gnome-Shell-extensions is a local build/install of some extensions maintained by a few gnome folks.

Why do you have to do it that way? Hmm … why not just AUR extensions. :wink:

you could but the extension maintainers usually dont make those pkgbuilds and you cant be for certain they will get updated timely

I generally recommend using the gnome extension website as that will be the extension developers focus first.

Most Gnome extensions aren’t available on the AUR. Some are, but most aren’t. I don’t know of any other users here that use Gnome Extensions from the AUR, I’d recommend just installing them from Gnome Extensions website as the easiest and simplest approach. Also, Gnome Extensions app which should be installed by default is an easy way to turn on/off extensions, but the Extensions app will also automatically update your extensions for you so you don’t have to.


Is it the Gnome Shell Integration in Firefox i want?

yup, that should be it

It requires the chrome-gnome-shell package from AUR to work though


@ricklinux I also recommend getting use to using your keyboard for fast navigation. Im assuming you have a keyboard with a Windows key or something similar. That will open your applications menu.

I rarely use my mouse to open an application, I press the windows key → type application name → press enter

Actually i use KDE Xfce & Cinnamon.

IF you wanna get your KDE feel, I’d recommend giving Dash to Panel extension a try. As for myself, I try my best to use Gnome as intended, but I do need a few tweaks of my own to make it usable enough for me that I don’t want to throw it out the window :wink:

Edit: on the extensions website you can sort by most popular or most downloaded, I’d start looking around there and just see whatever extensions strike your interests.

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What does dash to panel do?

Edit: Okay i see it’s like Solus budgie has.

Essentially it just takes the gnome top bar and the Dash, and puts them together into one panel, like how KDE, Budgie, Cinnamon, etc function, ya know in a more traditional desktop type of way. The great thing about Dash to Panel is that you can customize a lot of it. And should use Arc Menu as well - if you’re going to use Dash to Panel, they basically go together. As per the Arc Menu dev, “Make sure package ‘gir1.2-gmenu-3.0’ is installed.” otherwise Arc Menu won’t work for you, fyi.

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Thanks Guy’s. Don’t tell @pebcak :shushing_face:


You just mentioned them :rofl:

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I can imagine @pebcak response: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

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