Does pamacs auto package conflict with Endavours?

Both pamac and endeavor welcome allow me to specify how many packages to keep, but endeavor goes a step farther and allows me to set a time to auto clear. Will they conflict? And can disable endeavors if I wanted to without uninstalling it?

The EndeavourOS app may modify files

  • /etc/systemd/system/paccache.timer
  • /etc/systemd/system/paccache.service

Not sure what pamac modifies, but if it modifies the same files, then likely the last modification prevails.

You can stop and disable the timer with command

systemctl disable --now paccache.timer
  • /usr/lib/systemd/system/pamac-cleancache.timer
Description=Monthly clean packages cache

OnCalendar=Sat *-*-1..7 15:00:00

  • /usr/lib/systemd/system/pamac-cleancache.service
Description=Clean packages cache

ExecStart=/usr/bin/pamac clean --no-confirm
pamac clean --help
Clean packages cache or build files

pamac clean [options]

  --keep, -k <number> : specify how many versions of each package are kept in the cache directory
  --uninstalled, -u   : only target uninstalled packages
  --build-files, -b   : remove all build files, the build directory is the one specified in pamac.conf
  --dry-run, -d       : do not remove files, only find candidate packages
  --verbose, -v       : also display all files names
  --no-confirm        : bypass any and all confirmation messages
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That means the apps can conflict, although I think it is not a huge conflict…

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It doesn’t look so. Whichever is executed first then the other simply won’t be doing anything if both are set to keep the same number of packages. Is this a correct way of seeing it?

It certainly seems most likely to be what happens - much the same as issuing the terminal command twice - the second one does nothing detectable.

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