Does Grub2 Still Break?

Sorry, I will ask again the users. I just went distrohopping for a while but I came back home. I have been on EndeavourOS for like a bit less than 3 years.

I have several questions actually not just one.
To start, I am a KDE guy. I am incredibly interested in BTRFS because it is possible to snapshot the system and boot from Grub/Grub2 to a previous snapshot.

We all know how was it when Grub used to break with updates that requires manual user intervention so it will keep working.

I wonder how is the situation with Grub now?

  • Does Grub still break and need manual intervention
  • I am on the defaults during installation with KDE, and installed Timeshift, would I be able to roll back to a previous snapshot
  • If Grub/Grub2 is OK and does not have the issues it had before, can I do a fresh install but during installation I select BTRFS for system and EXT4 for /home to avoid Baloo issues with BTRFS?

What do you think guys and what would you suggest.

There was one problem with GRUB a couple of years ago. One. Even then, it was easily corrected by following standard procedure, i.e., chrooting and reinstalling GRUB.

The intense paranoia of GRUB that you have constantly mentioned since is ridiculous. If you don’t want to use GRUB for some valid reason, then don’t use it, but if you’re just afraid of it because it broke on you once that’s silly.


Sorry! I just can’t think it can happen again to me.
I better stick to the defaults of my installation.
Thank you

Grub does not hold a unique place as the only thing that has the potential to break something. It just happens to be one of countless things that could.

One could argue, that because it has already happened to Grub, it’s less likely to happen again to Grub in the future, as devs would also have a heightened awareness and desire to steer clear of that happening again.


This sounds good.
My humble understanding then that there was a problem with the design that causes this with updates.

Sorry, I repeat again, I am no techie.
So I apologise for any questions that might seem stupid or silly.

Personally, I kept the habit of re-installing grub whenever I see an update of it. It only takes a few secs & makes me feel…safer. Just in case. :innocent:

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I agree and i added a hook for it so i don’t even have to think about it thanks to @manuel for the help with that.

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