Does google have a monopoly on translators?

I’m looking for a translator for the URLs (to translate the whole website, english into spanish) but I can’t find it, Deepl doesn’t … it seems that Google has a monopoly on this matter … does anyone know another source?. Thanks.

“Good” old Babelfish is still around.

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i don’t see how to translate here an URL, example: into spanish.

Now that I actually tried, I don’t either see how it could be done. Strange, it say’s it’s possible, and it used to work.

i was reading before somewhere that Microsoft got Babelfish …

And this is all information i already tried: but nothing works, that is why i think this evil monstrous of google has a monopoly in almost everything.

i already tried this too, it do not work for me.

The only one that work is Yandex:

But the translate page can’t be added as a favorite in firefox it goes away …

Apparently the Bing translator is better than Google now according to some people at least. I don’t use either myself.

As i said, it do not work. Only Yandex but …