Does ext4 and btrfs works together well?

Hope this topic was not addressed already, my memory is getting foggy.

Say I have disk with ext4 and EOS on it.

Then I would add another disk and install btrfs EOS on it.
No LUKS or any other encryption. Would this work well, and would I be able to log into each disk as needed? That way I can play with btrfs and try to get familiar with, while I can keep using ‘old’ ext4 EOS installation.

If all this above is possible, what about having multi EoS boot on the same disk? One uses ext4 and another uses btrfs, would this works ok? Do you have to be an expert, or is not much different than regular multi boot?

It should be fine. It would be no different than if you say had Fedora (btrfs) on one and Pop (ext4) on the other. Especially with two different disks this should be easy.

If you want to multi boot the masters of that and refind are @ricklinux and @freebird54

I don’t do that so, they can probably offer much better insight.

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OK great, since I’m clumsy I think it is better to opt for a second disk just in case. he-he But good to know all works.

I don’t even dual boot in a sense. I have two separate disks and I switch between them with the computers firmware. They basically don’t even know the other exists.

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Yes, will go the same route, feels safer for my existing system.