Does endeavouros work with some software from garuda linux

I ask a rather stupid sounding question, I want to install garuda linux kernel management software and garuda-boot-repair and garuda-boot-options on eos, is there a way to do this?

My familiarity with Garuda is rather limited, but I believe what is not from the official AUR/arch repositories Garuda sources from Chaotic AUR, which you can include in pacman.conf. Whether the applications you want are in Chaotic I don’t know, but you can find instructions and more information here.

You just need to add their repo to your pacman.conf file and then install whenever you would like as you would any other software.

Edit. Endeavor’s kernel manager is great and simple, I’d definitely look into that, I don’t know why exactly you would need the others, but you may consider just using Garuda. You may find there’s a lot of setup done for you by those wonderful folks already.


Also I think the kernel management tool is the same that’s in the EOS repository (but not pre installed)?

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Yes akm does the same thing. It can be installed via the welcome app.

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i didnt even know we had a kernel maneger

Endeavour OS has lots of fun tools :slight_smile:

In Welcome app → Assistance tab → EndeavourOS apps help

Kernel manager type akm in terminal

I use grub-customizer . Never had problem with it, or just edit /etc/default/grub to change default grub selection.

That is why it is highly recommended that users new to EndeavourOS use the forum search function as well as read and search the wiki…:


It’s almost as if someone went out of their way to create a bunch of helpful tips and tricks for new users. . . .


I tried garuda and it had some great software, but it was too bloated, even though I have a high performance computer, I still found it rather bloated.

garuda’s kernel management tool makes it easy to select the kernel to boot, something I wish I had a simple software to do.

Thank you for your information.

I think there is good software inside the different distributions, and it would be a wonderful thing if it could be used. :heart:

You’re right. wiki and forums are great tools and I’ve used them to learn a lot, but English is not my first language and some times it’s a little difficult to find. Sometimes it’s more efficient to ask questions.

who would do that? :thinking:


Isn’t Garuda’s a fork of Manjaro’s kernel manager?

afaik their tools “should” work, youll need to enable chaotic aur which i believe they use but thats the extent of what i can say as im really not 100%