Does EndeavourOS contain files like


I am new to EndeavourOS, and recently I installed EndeavourOS KDE flavour. I was wondering if there are some specific files contained in this OS. For example, I searched for the two following files:



But these two files are not existing. I wonder if the system installation is incomplete or, such files are not present in EndeavourOS by default.

This is part of the package pulseaudio. Your system is probably using pipewire instead. pipewire is basically a newer technology that is slowly superseding pulse.

This file doesn’t need to exist but you can create it.

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# pacman -Qo /etc/pulse/
/etc/pulse/ ist in pulseaudio 15.0-4 enthalten

The file


is in your home directory and does not belong to any package


Now I understand what’s the matter.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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