Does anyone know how to uninstall Phoronix Testing Suite?(Installed via .sh-install file)

Greeting fellow humans. Human fellas.

I feel stupid asking this question, but for the love of God I cannot figure out how to uninstall this program. I installed it using the .Tar file from the website. It was a .sh-install binary. I installed that, not knowing there was an official AUR package for it.

Any help with uninstalling this software will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Does the sh script have an uninstall option?

Otherwise you need to look at the script, see where it put the files and remove them manually.

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Oh dear. It does not provide an uninstall option to my knowledge… Sigh. Manual labor here I come lol.

It is in AUR.
So you could download the PKGBUILD (yay -Ga phoronix-test-suite) and see where the AUR package install everything.

Yeah, I downloaded it and took a peak at it, seems to install files to quite a few locations with no option to easily remove. I can’t believe that it doesn’t include an uninstall option…

Too late now, but in the future when manually installing software, I recommend installing it to a non-standard location. This is both for easy removal and to avoid conflict with system files.

You can’t easily see it from the PKGBUILD because it runs the install script and then does some Arch specific modifications to it.

Also, in general, there is no guarantee that the AUR package puts stuff in the same place as the manual installer.


True, but probably it will put stuff in about the same places. Unless user selected otherwise at install.
Best would be to check where the install script puts stuff.

You can do that? I.never knew!


Most of the installer scripts, including the one in question, allow you to specify a location or root to install the software to.


but then you have to force it first :slight_smile: