Does anyone know how to make this printer work on EOS?

Hi all! I have this printer (Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 4845i) at work that I want to print with. I know the IP address, and can add the printer to my android phone using the Canon Print Service app. But I can’t add it to my laptop running EOS. Is there anyone familiar with these printers? Do I need to install additional drivers?

P.S. I already talked to IT, and they said that they can only provide support for Windows and Mac devices.

It may assist us, if you could tell us what you have already tried?

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I tried adding a printer using the interface in KDE, also using the CUPS web interface. I followed the same steps as my home printer, but it simply doesn’t show up. For the manual option, I tried adding the IP, but the printer model doesn’t show up in the list of all supported drivers. I saw that the AUR package gutenprint supported some Canon printers, but this printer still doesn’t show up. I think it might be a matter of figuring out the proper driver to use.

There are drivers in the AUR.

Edit: It supports this model! cups driver!

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Great, I’ll try it out tomorrow. Thanks for the link!

Should be fairly straight forward after installing the drivers.

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I forgot to post an update, but it worked perfectly. Thank you!

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