Does anyone have experience with Oracle VM

I received an email from someone who tries to install Endeavour on an Oracle VM and it hangs or freezes, not entirely clear during install.
Since I don’t use VM’s (I have a couple of older Laptops for testing) does anyone have experience with this particular VM?

Assuming we are talking about Oracle’s enterprise solution “Oracle VM” and not Virtualbox, I tested it a few years ago but not recently.

If memory serves, it uses Xen under the covers. Have they tried switching between the various virtualization modes? i.e. paravirtualized, hardware virtualized, etc.

Thanks for your response, I have sent him an email asking for more info and I also invited him to the forum, but my experience is that people who email us aren’t that keen on joining the forum or Telegram.
To be continued…

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Feel free to offer them support as part of a paid consultancy role. People who email you directly about business-related issues can be invoiced. :wink: