Does a definitive BTRFS newbie friendly guide exist?

There are no stupid questions and you have every right to ask. Keep following and reading and learning and ask for help when you don’t understand. There will be many of us here who can try to help answer your query. I don’t always have an answer about everything but i will try my best to point you in the right direction.

You’ve made two topics and 16 posts since you joined over a year ago, and you come now from a six month break just to tell me that I am arrogant and I have no place on this forum.

Before calling others arrogant, you should look in the mirror, because that is the most arrogant thing I’ve seen in over a week (and I even watched politicians debating last week).

When it comes to Btrfs, I’m not even a newbie, I’ve never used it. I did some reading about it, concluded that I don’t need those fancy features for now and that ext4 is better for my particular use case, and that’s about all. “I’m a newbie” is not an excuse to call me arrogant, for actually offering useful advice (which is: use ext4 if you are unsure and unwilling to dive deep). The fact that the OP doesn’t want to hear that advice is his choice, this forum is a public place, other people read it, too, the answer is not just for the OP.

That was not my point at all. I’ve never said to anyone that asking questions is bad. I’ve also asked genuinely stupid questions myself on this forum, questions I could have figured out myself, but was lazy and hoped someone else already knew about it, and I got both useful and useless answers, just like everyone else. Had the OP asked something like: “I would like to do this and this, can Btrfs be of use to me in that regard, and can anyone point me in the right direction?” he would have gotten an answer pretty quickly. But that wasn’t OP’s question. Instead he asked about “definitive guide” (no half-examples either, full examples only! :rofl:) and “recommended best practices for Btrfs”…

What does that even mean? Recommended by whom? Best for whom? It’s an utterly impossible question to answer, especially when nobody knows what the OP is trying to accomplish (not even the OP, I suspect). Rick put it nicely:


My entire point was: if you are unwilling to invest the effort into learning about Btrfs, why would you even want to use Btrfs? It’s a completely judgement-free question. I’m not saying that it is somehow bad to be unwilling to learn about Btrfs (I’m not particularly interested in it, either). I’m not saying that you’re stupid if you think that it’s too difficult and not worth your time. But then just use ext4 and save yourself (and others) the hassle – ext4 is a perfectly functional filesystem that you don’t even need to be aware of.

What do you think you are going to get with Btrfs that you don’t already have on ext4? How is that not a valid question to ask yourself? Why is it arrogant to suggest that, if you don’t have an answer to that question in advance, you are just going to make your setup so complicated that it will actually make your life more difficult instead of easier?

There is also nothing wrong with that, it’s your system, do with it what you want, but if you can’t be bothered to do some reading about it, I suspect you’re not going to enjoy the journey of discovering that.

I suspect the problem is the fear of missing out and wanting to try the latest, fashionable thing. Newbies watch tech-idiots on youtube who make a living by producing click-bait cOnTenT, and who tell them that anything older than the latest new thing is obsolete. That’s not even remotely true: ext4 is not obsolete. Not even XFS is obsolete (to my amazement).