Dock Question [Black and White to Colour]

I’ve been locking around for answers but haven’t found any, so I’ll give it a try here.

During winter I usually have a snowy black and white desktop, and I want the dock to also be black and white. That’s a fairly easy thing to do, but I want the button that I hover over to switch to it’s normal colour state, instead of wiggling, zooming, et.c.

Is this possible to achieve at all? I don’t really care if it’s Plank, Docky, Cairo and what not, as long as I get the desired effect.

I know I’m picky, but when I get a design idea, I just got to have it my way, so sue me. :wink::grin:

What DE? I currently use Dash-to-dock with gnome right now, but I have used Cairo in the past and found it very powerful. I’d be surprised it you can’t achieve the look you with with that

Oh, sorry! KDE Plasma.

I have’nt started yet, due to work, work, and more work. I guess I’ll start with Cairo, and try it out.

Did’nt want to waste time trying every dock out there, hence the question. :smiley: