Do you use a password manager? I need one

I use that and LastPass though I’m thinking about creating my own BitWarden server.

I love KeepassXC and I sync it to all my devices via Syncthing over my wifi/network.


Sometimes i embed them inside legit .jpeg image code, sometimes on top of that even pack inside passworded .zip and name all those files like complete non-sense as well…

Never trust managers (aka anyone)! :space_invader: :sweat_smile:

On top of that never trust yourself! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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i odd one out :blush: i use this " "

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If you have your own server you can host it for free.
Either way, it’s incredibly secure.

I use Bitwarden both on Linux and Android, as my only Password Manager since at least 2 years. Very happy with it, and I love the possibility to add images ( documents scan or screenshot) when need. (I think you need to pay a small fee to activate the option, not 100% sure at the moment).

I’ve recently started to use Bitwarden and so far so good. I like that it’s cross platform and easy to use, also the free option has pretty much everything I was looking for in a password manager.

After using Lastpass, Keepassxc, and others, I’ve settled on Enpass. I’m quite satisfied with the free version. I keep the vault on my computer, but backed up to the cloud.

Another big vote for Bitwarden here. Been using it for nearly a year now, and it’s been excellent. Free, open source and secure. You can donate like $9 per year for premium features, but you don’t have to. I do, because it’s more than worth it.


sudo pacman -S gnome-keyring


I’ve been using the free version of Enpass for years, and it’s been great. I keep the vault on my home network, accessible from my Windows and Linux computers.

BTW, I use Bitwarden!


Thanks everyone. Just switched from 1password to Bitwarden.

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I use two, LastPass (My first and good free version) and Bitwarden (Best premium very similar or better than LastPass).

I’m only using the free mini-family (2 people) version. So far, I’m not missing 1password.

I was a long term user of LastPass. Just didn’t like their annual commitment. Bit too expensive just to encrypt store your vault which is probably less than 1MB.

Moved to Bitwarden, just as functional and excellent migration process away from LastPass. Only problem now is that once you have an encrypted vault backup you can only restore using the same Bitwarden account. i.e. No local decryption method without relying on Bitwarden.

Probably all these companies have downsides. For instance, I was only able to export my vaults from 1Password from the client software. That’s not much use when you’re on an aarch64 laptop and they don’t make any software for your OS-ARCH combo.

Couldn’t you just locally host the backup on an already encrypted drive/partition?

I am extremely paranoid about using clown-based storage, especially for sensitive data like passwords. I do not want that stuff shared with anyone, let alone have it stored on a computer belonging to somebody else.

I store all my passwords locally, with KeePassXC, which is quite nice and feature rich.