Do you support open source projects financially?

It was my New Year’s resolution to support open source software, especially the ones I use regularly and make my life easier. Right now, I’m only sponsoring through GitHub.

Here are the ones I am sponsoring. Most of them only with $1, but I believe that if more of us considered sponsoring, it would make a significant difference in the sustainability of FOSS.

Feel free to post the projects/developers you support.


I’m an EndeavourOS backer :slight_smile: Otherwise I support certain podcasts that run on the value for value model. I really need to be better about donating to the free projects I use, though.


Besides EndeavourOS (and Linux Mint before that), I support LibreOffice (monthly) and a few others (one-timers). If I can find the extra cash, I’ll add GnuCash, Obsidian, and scrcpy to the mix.

@chikenf00t - it’s easy not to donate to FOSS projects, unfortunately, especially to ones that have corporate financial backing.


I did until life got in the way & left me on Centrelink payments. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to help out this way again.


I don’t do as much as I should. I donate to Arch once or twice a year, and I have “bought a coffee for” or otherwise thrown some cash to a dev or project here and there. I donate to Debian every now and then.

I need to step up a little more.