Do you guys think that this is the future?

How to kill a distribution by Philip Muller.


I dont understand. What they trying to do?

They’re trying to be an own distro, not based on any mainstream Linux distro’s.

You have to give the Manjaro team credit for trying to achieve that.


They are trying to update the OS like Windows or Mac and the apps are another thing. You get complete containers with all dependencies you need but no package management with shared dependencies or a simple “pacman -Syu” to update the whole system. But that’s just a guess. I didn’t read the whole story about that.
Every time I read an article about Mac/Win-Users that tried Linux they like the packagemanagement. Seems like the Manjaro-Staff has met other Mac-/Win-Users. :thinking:


I think cause they want to become Arch Linux “clean” 2​:thinking:

they are a big discussion around the use of a base system with apps installed on top of this with this container frameworks.

The idea is to push Linux on Desktop to get it easy to maintain from users side with apps installed like on android to reach the same level between big players :wink:

Someone can project to the future and not affirm that what he is doing will be the future.
Life, in any order, changes your questions, when you already had all the answers … nobody, absolutely nobody knows what will come.

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Which is completely… “insane”. Manjaro core is based on Arch. Mixing Arch packages with “marketingly” secure universal packages like snaps or flatpak is the worst mistake Manjaro can do.

How many crappy apps are proposed on PlayStore or Apple Store? How many of them on AUR or any BSD ports system?

may they will provide only a squasfs image you can then copy as the base system to your device, on top you can snap in every crap you want.

There is the issue, commercially when putting any garbage there, the source of information is infinite … where that software is installed, of course …

“Predicting is hard, especially the future.”

The above is a famous line from an influental politician in my country… :rofl:


Well, there is a word for this kind of behaviour: suicide.

I would say possible that Manjaro will loose a lot of their Linux resident users, but may get slot others in. But I am not predicting the future anyway :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I do remember some from GNOME Developers that they do think in this direction also… and in the end GNOME is already kind of like this with their extensions and the very minimal desktop… Gnome Software Center providing this already

One of Manjaro’s goals is to lower the bar for new users. Install once and let it roll seems a pretty appealing idea in theory–especially for small businesses.

Of late Phil seems to be focused on the commercial aspects of Manjaro and this approach probably fits a commercial product better than the current Manjaro rolling distribution. It also seems to be a gnomish approach to control and little room for easy customization.

On a side note while looking up how to spell “gnomish”, I ran across the definition of gnome:
“(in folklore) one of a species of diminutive beings, usually described as shriveled little old men, that inhabit the interior of the earth and act as guardians of its treasures; troll.” :grinning:


This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Would this be a snap / flatpak based Manjaro?

In disadvantage of Manjaro, I think yes​:thinking:

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