Do newly implemented softwares into calamares will get installed to an already installed system?

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I’m just wondering about this, since we are on a rolling release: do newly added softwares into calamares installer will get installed to an already installed system, or is there a proper way to manually doing it so in the future? Just in case :smiley:

Or do we have to do a clean install with the latest iso that has this upgraded installer?

The updated software will always get your currently installed system.

However, any defaults that change don’t get propagated.

In general, there is no need to do so. Just because we decide to install a different media player by default doesn’t mean you need to switch.

However, if you really want to, you can read the notes for each release and we describe what changed. Usually the number of changes are small.

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Thanks for your reply @dalto - yepp, gotcha’, I was thinking more likely on the “background” / “hidden” QoL stuffs like: kdepim-addons or kio-gdrive - I already know these stuffs ofc, I just somewhat wanna assure myself that if you guys included any new kind of goodies, that would mean they got tested at some point (so I’m more likely to install them after seeing that happen) :slight_smile:

Yes this is a good idea, just in case, where do you guys post those changes?

Also just an idea, could it somehow work out with the eos-packagelist by comparing it with the currently installed packages via pacman -Qqe ? :slight_smile:


Yes, you could do that to find missing packages.

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Ok, marked as solved :slight_smile: Thanks @dalto and @r0ckhopper


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