Do i need special graphics drivers or tools for my Radeon RX 7800 XT?

I have installed EOS with KDE on its own partition in a triple boot system Windows10/Mint/EOS.
I think my hardware is my pretty up-to-date pastebin. However, this is my first AMD card, I have learned from various sources that AMD is better supported by Linux.
It looks that EOS has identified this correctly:

[frank@EOS ~]$ yay -Q |grep -i amd
amd-ucode 20240115.9b6d0b08-2
xf86-video-amdgpu 23.0.0-1

The installed AMD driver does not seem to be the latest from the AMD website, but i presume it’s ok anyway?
Do you know tools for reading/adjusting the fan speed, temperatures, clock rates, etc.? Is there anything else I should be aware of regarding the graphics card? Do you recommend any BIOS settings, for example?

To learn more about open source AMD graphic drivers:

For proprietary drivers:

Highly recommend CoreCtrl. Nice tool to tune things.

the website driver (amdgpu-pro) is proprietary and designed only for enterprise distributions that don’t get feature updates for kernel/mesa/llvm/firmware. It is a completely different version number scheme. You don’t want that one on a rolling release / constantly feature updated distribution. The -pro driver even has worse performance/compatibility compared to the free one.

Vulkan drivers don’t come preinstalled on EndeavourOS. You might want to install them before you install the wrong ones in some selection screen:
sudo pacman -S vulkan-radeon lib32-vulkan-radeon
In theory, there is also amdvlk but that one, like the -pro driver is just bad on modern systems.

Other than that, you shouldn’t need much. If you want to run OpenCL, you need to install those drivers too but that is not essential. ( opencl-rusticl-mesa and lib32-opencl-rusticl-mesa would be the packages for that)

Check if the hardware acceleration is OK. Install mesa-utils :

yay -S mesa-utils

then :

glxinfo | grep direct | grep rendering

For hardware decoding, you need VA API drivers :

yay -S libva-mesa-driver

then install :

yay -S libva-utils

and check hardware decoding is fine :