Do i need root privileges to handle wallpaper and fonts?

Hello everyone, I use EndevaourOS Xfce, I want to copy new fonts for LibreOffice, but I can’t do it, because my user doesn’t have administrator privileges.
Could someone tell me an easy way to solve it?
I just want the privileges to copy fonts, wallpapers, etc.
Thank you very much.

In general, you don’t give your user account rights to write to system locations, you use something like sudo to execute the command.

However, in your examples, you are probably doing something you shouldn’t be. Instead of copying fonts/wallpapers/etc to system locations like /usr there is usually a secondary location in your home directory where you would place those files that you do have rights to.

For example, I believe fonts can be placed in ~/.fonts ~/.local/share/fonts

Wallpapers can typically be placed anywhere.


$HOME/.local/share/fonts is the new place all the cool kids are using now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


TY very much for your help to you two! this method is fast and safe!!

I love the EndeavoursOS friendly community! is the BEST! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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you can also search packages for fonts, there are some common fontsets too:

and the AUR holds much more: