Do i need all the out of the box software

  • software token

  • avahi server browser

  • icon browser

  • yad settings

  • QtV4L2 video capture utility

  • QtV4L2 test utility

  • Quick char control

  • Wall street control

  • window shuffler

  • previews control

these are the applications that came out of the box with endeavour os budgie , i dont know how to use them , or what are their purposes, which means i dont personally need them . So can i delete them , What harm woould deleting them do to my os

and why isnt printing service not available

What you list is part of other packages which is needed by the system.

EndeavourOS is the shell - you will have to add your own furniture and make it home.

The first six in your list are system requirements, but you can hide the launchers in the menu. I’m not familiar with the last four in your list (never used Budgie).

Probably because you didn’t tick the box for it when installing the OS.


oh now i get it

you are my first life saver !!! i was gonna start hating endeavour os ,you earned the badge !

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you may need even more packages to enable printsupport :wink:


If you need help in hiding the launchers, just ask.

Basically, in a terminal window, navigate to /usr/share/applications
the find the appropriate dot desktop file (.desktop)
sudo mv launchername.desktop launchername.destop.bkup

and that launcher will not be listed anymore. Using this solution allows you to re-instate launchers in the future if you decide you want to use them by removing the .bkup from the launcher name.


If you use this approach, the .desktop files will be restored next time the package is updated.

Depending on what DE you are using, there may be GUI tools that allow you to hide these but if you need to do it by hand, it is better to override them in your home directory than to make changes to the system files.

If you copy the .desktop you want to change to ~/.local/share/applications/. Then edit the file and change noDisplay to true. If it isn’t there, you can add it like this:


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