Distrowatch review on the April release

Distrowatch made a review on our April release
You can read it over here.



the comments of the haters made me laugh


Well, looks like a french movie from the 60’s is needed here:

Rough translation: “Douchebags dare everything. That’s even how we recognize them.”


One comment only regarding Endeavour (as of this date/time), and it wasn’t that bad. It referenced the old Cnchi installer, and were roughly true, IMHO.

I especially saw people who don’t want to change their habit whether it comes debian or other


The perfect joke related to Distros

Without Arch we Couldn’t Stand on our Feet :running_man:


People tend to judge new things based on their previous experience, that doesn’t make them haters. If for someone not having pamac or update-grub is a problem that usually means they are genuinely lost and clueless. Neither laughing at them nor treating them as inferior will help to change their opinion.

angry rather than enemy

The review seemed very positive to me. This quote might be a good summary:

People who want to try Arch with minimal effort to get up and running will probably like Endeavour as it makes getting started with a variety of desktop environments blissfully straight forward.

Also, I didn’t find many “haters” on DistroWatch’s rating page, where it gets a 9.1/10 score.

IMHO some of the criticisms about EOS having rough edges or quirks are correct. Perhaps EOS could best be categorized as an “Enhanced Arch Installation Script”. :nerd_face:

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Endeavour is not an Arch installation script. It is a distinct distro, with it’s own spirit, community and apps. Always sad to see people referring to it as a mere easy way to get Arch. Maybe it’s just me.


No it’s not :wink:

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It’s not just you :smile: It isn’t that hard to get Arch on a system once you ‘crack the code’, so that isn’t enough to make EndeavourOS the way to go - although there is NO WAY I would have installed so many different setups without it! The people interaction here is what makes the difference - and the efforts to make things easy with little things like the grub-fixer and reflector-simple and…

I think it says something that this is only the second time I opened a wallet for a distro - first since I bought into Ubuntu One :grin:

I just really like where it’s going - even if it isn’t all the way there yet!


I wish you hadn’t omitted the emoticon when you quoted me. My “installation script” comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek.

I agree that EOS has a wonderful, helpful community that distinguishes it from Arch.

Perhaps EOS could best be characterized as "The French Version of Manjaro. :nerd_face:

Pas possible! EndeavourOS, c’est le vrai chose…

Hope I got that right! :grin:

Well, I was referring also to the summary you quoted, which basically says the same thing…

Nope :smile:

A bit too much rust on schoolboy French then - after all it’s been 50+ years…

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They are (but weren’t in the review comments), but EndeavourOS has been incrementally improving, and each release builds on the last. I’ve been watching EndeavourOS from the sidelines, having run Antergos from time-to-time over the years. I’m about to go with it full-time on at least one of my machines in the next day or so.

Were I to assign it an analogy, it would be along the lines of…“A pre-built Arch bicycle motorcycle sans training wheels.” :wink:

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This is already the second review. Our favorite distro is getting older. :slight_smile:

In French chose is feminine so :

C’est la vraie chose

but we use these expression usually :

C’est du vrai
C’est une chose réelle

If you refer to it’s a real thing

I guess I never thought of a thing as feminine - or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

The ‘common usage’ variants I had no chance of getting… were they even in use 50 years ago? Oh well - I tried (sort of) - at least from memory. Actually, speaking of memory “C’est du vrai” sounds ‘right’ from my time…

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