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Nice and positive review. If only piece Jesse Smith was missing from EOS was a graphical package manager would it be too much to asked if option to install one was included in welcome window? I know it’s easy to just hit yay -S pamac in terminal, but for beginners simple install option in welcome screen would be nice and friendly way to handle it.


The welcome app only suggests packages from the Arch repo and not the AUR. Quite often Pamac has issues, also during installation. If that happens, a new user could think it is our fault the package doesn’t build. That’s why we made this rule of not including AUR packages, unless really necessary, in our base system, which the Welcome app is a part of.


I understand the reasoning not including AUR packages in base system. But graphical package manager is not only for installing packages. It’s also handy when you are searching packages. I know many users who use pamac for that. Pacman GUI would be nice… :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to read our point of view on this, I wrote an article on Discovery almost two years ago.


Nice article. But no need to convince me. I’m convinced already… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I liked especially that last paragraph:
“The forum is your cookbook to prepare you in case your convenient microwave breaks down or try one of those recipes and I’m sure you will get enthusiastic for doing it manually”.
I’ve burnt my cookings few times, but fortunately the chefs of this community have helped me to salvage the menu so I can continue cooking… :sweat_smile:


That is an extremely good analogy by the way. Very well put. Thank you for keeping things terminal centric!


I agree. I use pamac-aur-git almost solely for searching for new programs. I don’t know of any quicker or easier way of doing this. But, once I find a program with which I am interested, I always install it via yay.

I have also had to use pamac-aur-git on a couple of rare occasions (in the early days of EndeavourOS) when yay would not allow the updates to be installed. But that has not happened recently.

I wish yay had been mentioned in Distrowatch’s review.


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this make me laugh .

" Don’t you know that Pamac is the standard and therefore mandatory for every Arch-based distro out there? "

" Hey, you terminal friggin’ freaks!!! I have a message for you: EndeavourOS sucks big time!!! "

I happy be freak + no have the trouble Pamac bring :wink: . I do agree pamac good for search but you can search in pacman + yay . @ end of day it your system so install what you need :+1:

EndeavourOs is light + designed for you build your own system how YOU! want. never understand why hard for people understand that .

This my opinion and no reflect anyother members /users of Endeavouros …


Oh but it does, it reflects mine perfectly…


@kjw Wrong order, put the text between the square brackets, followed by the URL in round brackets, like so: [Distrowatch review May 2021](https://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20210531#endeavour) :wink:

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Thanks, I entered the url then clicked the link symbol and failed to notice it had put the url in the text field. :man_facepalming:

OP now corrected.

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