Displays out of order

Hey there!

I’m experiencing a weird issue with my display orders.
I’m not sure it’s connected to KDE Plasma, but I’d assume so.

I have the following Monitors set up:
Left: 1920x1080 connected via HDMI, named HDMI-5 in xrandr
Right: 2560x1080 Ultrawide connected via DP, named DP-5 in xrandr, primary

By default, they are switched, so the Ultrawide is left of the normal monitor, as far as the system is concerned.
When I move the monitors around (via GUI or xrandr,) the system behaves weirdly:

1 - The Screens switch, and the mouse can move correctly between them
2 - The 16:9 screen gets rendered on the left side of the Ultrawide screen, right of that the first part of the actual Ultrawide screenspace is rendered, and the rest of the Ultrawide screen is rendered on the 16:9 monitor, like so:

This also causes a discrepancy between where the cursor is and where it gets rendered, so that there is no real mouse input possible after the move.
Also, when screenshotting all screens, it doesn’t show that shift for some reason.

My system:

Thanks in advance for any help!