Display settings keep opening on its own

I don’t know what I done but today the Display dialog settings box keeps repeatedly opening itself.
It starts bottom left then opens another bottom right and continues round and round.
I haven’t time it but it seems a bit random. Sometimes it will open 1 sometimes 3.
i had 22 instances of it after 10mins.

How do I figure out the cause. I looked at ps -aux but nothing stands out to me (but not sure what I should be looking for)

Any help to track this down would be great. Its getting annoying.
I have tried rebooting but the issue persisted.

many thanks

Which desktop environment are you using?

Do you have any applications in your autostart settings?

If you’re using Xfce, have you cleared the current session, or tried choosing the “do not save session on logout” option?

I am using XFCE. There was a saved default session. I have now removed that.
There are a bunch of apps in autostart but some of them are system related so not sure what would break if I remove them.

Don’t know if it helps, but that’s how I stopped XFCE to reopen applications from the last session.

Go to Settings>Session and Startup> under the “General” tab uncheck “Automatically save session on logout” if necessary.

Delete any saved sessions in the saved sessions tab.

Shutdown and look at the lower left area of the shutdown confirmation dialog for a checkbox that asks to save the session for future log-ins. Uncheck if necessary.

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And does the original issue still happen?

I think i have found the culprit. In application startup there was a script for GNOME settings overrides migration.
I have unchecked this and the issue seems to have stopped.

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