Display not turning off when screen locked

Well, I think I need to say that the display doesn’t STAY turned off when I lock the screen. It turns off, but when the lock screen shows up (with the time in the middle) then the display turns on again (after about 15 seconds) and then goes blank. The backlight stays on and the monitor doesn’t turn off.

I’m on a fresh install, kernel 6.3.7-arch1-1, gnome 44.2 wayland on an Intel mini-pc NUC12WSHi5. My 2 monitors are connected via HDMI. I’ve disabled automatic suspend because I need the computer running, screen blank after 15 minutes…

Google isn’t being very helpful. It seems a lot of people have had this problem but I haven’t really found a fix. Any ideas?

hey @masterofsausage (love the name :wink: ) welcome on your dive into the purple :enos:
EndeavourOS do not setup any special on Gnome it uses basically defaults from the packages you got from arch repositories.

Most powersaving related issues are caused by the hardware in use, in case when they do not work as they should :wink:

The first thing is to check if it is simple something inside latest kernel, currently i saw users having issues after updating to 6.3.7.

You can try installing LTS version and boot into it;
yay -Syu linux-lts linux-lts-headers

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Yeah unfortunately same result on both kernels.