Display manager background (lighDM) is not used on screen lock/ unlock

Sorry,I’m using lightDM,but it seems SDDM comes up on wake? Also, setting SDDM background in settings does not work at all (does not change from default). Any ideas? I’m newb to arch, but I LOVE LOVELOVE how responsive ENDEAVOR is!!!

Are you using kde/plasma? If so, that isn’t sddm, it is the plasma lock screen. Plasma doesn’t use the display manager for screen locking.

I am glad you love Arco but as a heads up I should let you know this is the EndeavourOS forum. :wink:


oh for God’s sake, I’ve installed 5 distros past two days, yeah I know where I am,
I MEANT to say ENDEAVOR OS IS super fast, lol. It’s much more responsive than Arco in my eyes

and yeah, I found it https://i.imgur.com/Dj9rKOX.png

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Only 5? :slight_smile: