Display issues with my two monitor setup

I have two monitor setup.


The BenQ is the main monitor in the middle and the AOC is the one on the left.

So when I place made BenQ my primary display, it still makes AOC the primary display, the taskbar is on the AOC monitor as well as my folders.

I am not too sure why this is happening?

I am not sure what you exactly mean. But after making the monitor the primary. Just use “Panel” settings and on “output” dropdown menu choose which monitor the taskbar/panel should be on. And folders, you can just drag and drop them to the other monitor?

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im not sure about this but i remember, one of my friends had a similar problem like yours, but he had problems with games.after some research we discovered that from left, position of your monitor (x,y) is (0,0) and xorg considers monitor with (0,0) position as your primary display

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