Discovery to explore your Endeavour is preparing for launch

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EndeavourOS ships with the bare essentials to stay as close to Arch and with the upcoming net-installer that isn’t going to change.

Our philosophy is to get acquainted with Arch-Linux with the help from a more than willing and friendly community to guide you through the hard bumps, instead of trying to make Arch easier. The only convenient thing we provide is the first step to install the system.

To enhance the friendliness of our community, we’re proud to present you a tool in an online magazine-like platform called Discovery.

Yes, in case the image didn’t point you in that direction, there is a theme going on in the choice of names: Endeavour and Discovery. Both names are linked to legendary vessels and space orbiters that gave us a better understanding of the world and its surroundings.

In a way, this is how we imagine our mission: EndeavourOS brings you to the vast and infinite space an Arch-based distro can provide, ready to explore with complete freedom and Discovery helps you to understand and how to conquer that space to your liking.

Discovery is going to provide you with Linux and Arch news, articles on apps and packages and giving insight information on Linux commands with a non-technical approach.

It also gives community members a platform to shine and share their manuals, scripts or self-created packages.

So, if you have an idea or you want to point me to a recently discovered app/package, just contact me with a pm on the forum or Telegram.

Discovery is lifting off on 1 November 2019.


Translated it into french: Discovery pour explorer votre Endeavour se prépare au lancement

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Merci beaucoup, Fred.

Mais de rien :slight_smile:

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Romanian translation is on.

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I can only welcome this idea. The Ubuntu-based Full Circle Magazine will finally be a worthy companion in Arch society as well.


Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on the Space Shuttle fleet, since that appears to be the theme going on here. :grinning:

By the way: I’m old enough to remember the first liftoff of the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-001. Wasn’t there at Kennedy Space Center when it happened. I was only 8 years old when it happened and living in Doaktown, New Brunswick Canada. I watched part of a live broadcast on Canadian Television (Canada AM a morning news program) - and almost missed my school bus! I was that fascinated by the sight I saw on TV.


Thank you, so much.

Thank you, but Discovery hasn’t reached that status, yet. I hope it will get better with community contributions.

Like you, I was in awe with the Space-Shuttle and in 1986 I ran from school to be on time to watch THAT Challenger Space Shuttle launch and I couldn’t believe what happened.
When I learned that Endeavour was going to replace the Challenger, I was convinced, as an early teenager, that Endeavour was the one that was going to be invincible. I don’t know, but I always had a weak spot for that one.

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Well, if we’re going to pick favorites, mine is…


Let me guess, for the name?

The celebrities in the photo are a big clue. I was kid in the sixties watching Star Trek. So, to me, that was the best interpretation of space exploration. :vulcan_salute:


I spotted them earier, hence the guess of the name.:wink::dizzy:

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Enterprise, the one that did not go into space… It was used to test a lot of things before first Columbia flight in 1981.

By the way, I remember Challenger explosion in 1986. Jean-Michel Jarre wrote a piece of music which should have been played in Challenger. It is Rendez-vous part 6, aka “Ron’s Piece”.

Yes, they practiced the unmotorized landing with it, but that in its own right is a big achievement, n’est ce pas?

It was the goal of Enterprise missions: setting up unmotorized landings.

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That’s true, but everyone started sometime, somehow.

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My favorite is this one from Jules Verne with the Columbiad the cannon that will generate enough force to put a projectile carrying men into orbit, it was in 1867 From the Earth to the Moon. :rocket: