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Not sure if this belongs here, but worth mentioning Linux 5.6 Ships With Broken Intel WiFi Driver After Network Security Fixes Go Awry. I wonder if Arch will wait until the fix comes in 5.6.1.

Looks like Kernel 5.6 is not going to be in Arch repositories. It is already available for other distributions. I was reported that there are also problems building Realtek wireless driver with Kernel 5.6 on other distributions.
If that is the case it would indeed be better to wait until Kernel 5.6.1 is released.

Arch usually releases the point one releases in stable.

There is a kernel update available : 5.5.13-arch1-1 --> linux-5.5.13.arch2-1

I think I have to read a little more about updating mechanisms in Arch.

This is most likely the final 5.5 kernel update before 5.6 will hit the repo. Often you must install this one to make the transition to 5.6 without (big) issues.

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I see. Thanks for clarification.

Kernel 5.6 has some problems with Intel wifi driver. Worth waiting for kernel 5.6.1.

Sounds familiar :wink:

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There also seem to be minor problems with proprietary Nvidia driver. Looks like it needs to be patched before building against Kernel 5.6.

Kernel 5.6.2 is in the testing repo.

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