Discovery 04-11-'19 picks

Here are today’s selections on Discovery:


Bauh is the new name of fpakman, a tool to install useless snaps and flatpak on Archlinux.

Useless because who needs to universal packages when AUR provides everything you’ll need in a native way? Sorry, but if I want universel packages, I’ll buy an Apple.


It’s all about choices, that’s what Linux is about.


I use all three rival ecosystems in parallel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. I started using Unix-based macOs because the command line familiar with Linux helped me do that.


Ah, choices dictatorship… I do love this Ted Talk about choices.

Well, I do not think providing software in black sandboxes is really a good choice.

Just remember that snap was corrupted back in may 2018:

This is why universal apps are for me a no-go.

My point is that everyone can do with the installation what they want. If someone feels comfortable using one of these, then who are we to judge.

When I was on Big Daddy Linux, we had a small discussion about this in the after show and a lot of people responded very positively on our open view on this.

Right. As long as people take their responsabilities when there are problems…

That’s a great news. If someone installs software in bad shape and everything breaks down, they will have to admit that they have been looking for trouble.

If they not, well, they have to fix it :slight_smile:

You can get in trouble with AUR-packages also. Maybe you got better options to solve the problem yourself but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. :sunny::rainbow:

You and I may not be having the knowledge on these, but another communitymember that uses one of those can chip in when there’s something wrong.

That’s the environment we (the devs) want to create over here. We’re not offering it by default, so I’m more than sure people over here take their own responsibility, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use this forum to ask if something goes wrong.

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AUR packages are not 100% trouble free. But this is the native tool for 3rd party software. So it is better supported than snap (created for Ubuntu) and flatpak (created for Fedora).

Of course. But as we say in french : “Ils tendent le bâton pour se faire battre” -> “They hold out the stick to get beaten.”

Snap, flatpak and appimages are NOT native in Archlinux world. It would be like grafting a dog’s head onto an elephant’s body… I’m not sure it will be a long living solution.