Discover in Endeavour OS

After the installation of Endeavour and the Plasma desktop i notice that i also have the Discover application. I am familiar with it, but we really need it in Arch Linux? I have also install Pamac, i am used to it since the Antergos days.

As far as I understand you can use Discover if you want… according to the wiki-article.

To use the Discover installation tool install

As I understand, Discover and it’s Gnomish cousin (Gnome Software) provide for a GUI for the installation of:
a) Flatpaks.
b) BIOS updates for certain systems using “fwupd”.

So, it is useful to have even if you don’t us it for maintaining the base arch system.

hello, discover takes care of the deposit aur, or not

You don’t need it, but you might want to keep it around for a bit and find out if you like it or not. I’m not a huge fan of Discover or Gnome Software, and either uninstall or exclude from the install list and install Pamac-aur from the aur instead.

I thank you for the information

It shows me an error whem i run it. Something about appstream not installed right

appstream-qt is depency but you need packagekit-qt5 to make repo use functional thats optional.

problem with gnome software and there other half discover, it wanna install things without password as for updating. thats for most linux users disturbing.

As for pamac you can use from aur, there are unoffical arch repo that ships pamac-aur or pamac-classic. you can add stuf only know what you doing how to add, but it update itself at the end.